Welcome to the 3D Printing Build Night from SYN Shop and Instructables.

This is a free form build night during which you can create or design anything that you would like. We will be using 3D design tools from Autodesk including 123D Make(external link), 123D Design(external link), and Tinkercad(external link). When you've created something cool that you'd like to share, you are encouraged to share your models with the world in the Tinkercad Gallery or 123D Gallery.

If you've created a model, send me an email with the share link at pawel@synshop.org and I will forward you some Shapeways credits in the coming days to help you get your design professionally printed.

If you've created something really cool and would like to document the process, you are also encouraged to create an Instructable attributed to SYN Shop. Doing this helps us out in getting an Instructables sponsorship in the form of equipment donations.

In order to help us out, make sure that your Intro step includes the text 'Submitted by SYN Shop for the Instructables Sponsorship Program'.


Tinkercad(external link) (has built in tutorials!)
123D Design(external link)
123D Make(external link)

Ben Heck's Video Tutorial for 123D Design(external link)

How to Create An Instructable(external link)