In order to get some more activity around SYN Shop, it would be cool to setup regular nights to do classes or talk about various subjects, in addition to our monthly meeting. Feel free to list any ideas you may have below:
  • Soldering classes, cover things like basic soldering skills, surface mount soldering, etc..
  • Introduction to Electronics: how transistors, capacitors, resistors work, etc..
  • Lock picking, pick locks for fun and profit
  • Robotics, discuss your next robotics project, get help from SYN Shop in building our robotic overlords
  • Microcontrollers, working with microcontrollers.. AVR, PIC, Propeller, etc...
  • Welding, making stuff from metal.. right now there is only a single welder and single mask in the shop, so we may need more resources for this one.

Until we get the new space, I think we can make use of /usr/lib's classroom setup.

Already have something you want to teach?  Excellent!  Edit this page and list yourself as a volunteer instructor for the class you want to cover.

Class Name Instructor When
Basic Electronics Krux TBD
Laser Cutting Basics Fish TBD
3D Printable Objects with Blender Suz TBD
Basic Silicone Molding and Resin Casting Mark K. TBD
Surface Mount Hand Soldering Mark K. TBD
Surface Mount Reflow Soldering Mark K. TBD