Do Not Disturb


You may have noticed some new signs around SYN Shop's classroom area! They are yellow octagons that are meant to give you a little break from other people. We are gifted to have a community of makers of all different types of people, some are more extroverted or introverted than others - and we all need to concentrate on what we're working on from time to time!

If you see someone with one of these signs next to them, please respect that they'd rather be left alone for a while and don't try to talk to or disturb them while they're working. If there's an emergency, sure - go ahead and disturb them. Otherwise, no no no cat.

Here's a handy guide:

ReasonOK to Disturb?
Talk about the weatherNO
Ask about what they're working onNO
"Come here often?"NO
You are on fireYES
They are on fireYES
"You know, I would do it this way instead.."NO

Conversely, if you'd like to be left in peace - grab a sign. If you see someone disturbing another person with a sign, advise that person about what the sign means.

Thank you!