SYN Shop



SYN Shop is located at:

1075 American Pacific Drive
Suite C
Henderson, NV, 89074

Access to SYN Shop

Until we get 24x7 access to SYN Shop up and running, please call 702-723-8373 for access.

What's Happening at SYN Shop

Here's is what people are talking about on the SYN Shop Mailing List

  • Closed?    (Fri 15 of Dec, 2017)
    6:15 Lights off and locked
  • Dinner for the shop tonight    (Thu 14 of Dec, 2017)
    heya! There's a bunch of chicken fingers in the little fridge at the shop. Please eat it tonight and share with whom ever! It's from lunch today there with some folks. Otherwise, it should likely be thrown out at the end of tonight. Thanks and enjoy! cheers, -adj
  • Help with 3D printing    (Sun 10 of Dec, 2017)
    I'm a new member here, nice to meet you. I'd like to learn how to start 3D printing things, and I dropped in a few days ago but at that time no one was there who could show me the ropes. Anyone who can help, please let me know a time we can meet, and I'll really appreciate it. Thanks in
  • SLA Printer vat re-coating instructions.    (Wed 06 of Dec, 2017)
    Reached out directly to FSL. The guys over there gave me all the info we need. --mix QSIL A + QSIL B in a 10:1 ratio by mass --make sure they mix them extremely well, upwards of 10 min if necessary --make sure the vat that is being recoated is clean, dry, and is sitting on a level surface
  • Laser cutter    (Tue 05 of Dec, 2017)
    Be advised the laser cutter is not working. I got a call from jerry saying the power meter on the machine is not moving. Someone will look at it tonight and post here when it is working again.
  • Fwd: [nsl] Sparklecon 5 - Jan 27-28, 2018 @ 23B Shop    (Mon 04 of Dec, 2017)
    FYI, 23b out of Fullerton CA runs a fun event out of their space called Sparklecon. I'm planning on going. -------- Original Message -------- Subject: [nsl] Sparklecon 5 - Jan 27-28, 2018 @ 23B Shop Date: 2017-12-04 08:26 From: datagram To: li...@032.la Reply-To:
  • December Board Meeting Agenda    (Sat 02 of Dec, 2017)
    Sorry for not getting this out to everyone sooner. But here is the agenda for tomorrow's board meeting, which will take place at 2pm, Saturday December 2nd. https://docs.google.com/document/d/18BexXsBAHrdVCQD5qtP6ZTAzX6do9yf0KvZO5ES5FRs/edit?usp=sharing As a reminder, if you are interested in
  • Pressure Washer & Electrical Panels    (Wed 29 of Nov., 2017)
    Does anyone know who owns the black gasoline powered pressure washer which is at the shop? It was being improperly stored by the high voltage transformers/electrical panels. There was no parking permit on it, to indicate who it belongs to. For those who do not know, fire code says that you
  • OS X High Sierra security issue    (Tue 28 of Nov., 2017)
    ​Dunno if people have seen this or not, but basically, after a few attempts, root on OS X defaults to no password. https://twitter.com/lemiorhan/status/935578694541770752 - Aakin​
  • Fwd: [23b-Shop] Happy Thanksgiving! Now go buy your SparkleCon 5 tickets!    (Thu 23 of Nov., 2017)
    FYI, SparkleCon is a great event the 23b Hackerspace in Fullerton CA throws every year. I've already got my tickets. -------- Original Message -------- Subject: [23b-Shop] Happy Thanksgiving! Now go buy your SparkleCon 5 tickets! Date: 2017-11-23 00:10 From: shanevadnais