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SYN Shop is located at:

1075 American Pacific Drive
Suite C
Henderson, NV, 89074

Access to SYN Shop

Until we get 24x7 access to SYN Shop up and running, please call 702-723-8373 for access.

What's Happening at SYN Shop

Here's is what people are talking about on the SYN Shop Mailing List

  • Thumb drive in Laser Cutter    (Fri 15 of Sep., 2017)
    Hello! I was wondering if there was a lost and found for thumb drives at the shop? I seem to have forgotten mine in the laser cutter computer yesterday, it's one of the tiny sandisk ones. Thanks!
  • Software Defined Radio Crash Course    (Tue 12 of Sep., 2017)
    Just a heads up, this Sunday we'll be hosting a Software Defined Radio Crash Course class https://www.meetup.com/synshop/events/243148340/ This workshop will provide a thorough introduction to Software Defined Radio and will build a solid foundation for getting started with SDR. We will first
  • Badges?    (Sun 03 of Sep., 2017)
    Not sure if it's ever been discussed before, but has the shop ever considered the use of badges to track who is/isn't a member, and who is/isn't qualified to use tools? I appeared to SynShop a year and a bit ago, registered as a member, but after several months of not attending (training/work
  • DC 702    (Sat 26 of Aug., 2017)
    Anyone interested in starting a DC Group for Vegas? A friend has bankrolled Toxic BBQ the past 2 years, and sealing that with a meetup would make organization easier. I'm going to try to come to lockpicking and podcast nights to drum up interest. Let me know if you want to join forces.
  • Amazon Smile    (Tue 22 of Aug., 2017)
    Great news, we got our first donation from Amazon Smile today. As a reminder, Amazon donates 0.5% of the purchase price to SYN Shop, so use the following link http://smile.amazon.com/ch/45-4657308 and support us every time you shop. Every bit helps the shop, so the more people we can get using
  • Discord / chatroom?    (Sun 20 of Aug., 2017)
    I'd love to meet more of you all when I'm not in a time crunch, and get to know who you all better! So, I gotta ask, is there a Discord server for the space (or something similar like Slack, IRC, or more than Google Groups)? If not, do you mind if I create one, or help an Officer create one?
  • 3d scanner    (Fri 18 of Aug., 2017)
    Anyone know a place in town that does 3d scanning? I need something that is 5 x 5 x 11 in scanned, and Autodesk's photo recap isn't working for me.
  • Jobs at My Employer    (Wed 16 of Aug., 2017)
    We have a few tech jobs open. Contact me for details. - Linux Systems Administrator - Android Mobile Developer (also involves some iOS experience eventually) - And, if you're ambitious, Director of IT Operations
  • Laser cutter 101 online    (Wed 16 of Aug., 2017)
    So Nick over at Full Spectrum Laser forwarded me the info on the new Laser 101 site they have, as a resource for learning how to use the laser cutter and get the most out of it. http://laser101.fslaser.com/ Looks like some good information, so check it out.
  • Voting Machines in Clark County    (Fri 11 of Aug., 2017)
    Following DEFCON, I sent a letter to the Clark County Registrar of Elections. This was their reply: I am aware of the DEFCON conference and the voting machine activity. We are replacing our Edge system with the ICX equipment manufactured by Dominion Voting Systems (formerly Sequoia