SYN Shop



SYN Shop is located at:

1075 American Pacific Drive
Suite C
Henderson, NV, 89074

Access to SYN Shop

Until we get 24x7 access to SYN Shop up and running, please call 702-723-8373 for access.

What's Happening at SYN Shop

Here's is what people are talking about on the SYN Shop Mailing List

  • CRX 2017    (Thu 20 of July, 2017)
    Howdy Syn Shop! Clark County Commodore Compute Club and Jim Drew from CBMStuff.com are hosting the Commodore Retro Expo at the Alexis Park Resort on July 28, 29th and 30th. There will be some cool presentations and exhibits/demos/displays. If you're into old computers or electronics, come check
  • I'm looking for Robot operators    (Wed 19 of July, 2017)
    Hi all, I'm a robot maker based in Sydney, Australia. I'm contacting few makerspaces in Nevada because I need help operating 4 robots during a conference in Las Vegas between the 26th August and the 1st September. They are funny 5.5 feet tall robots and can be remote controlled by an IOS
  • Pizza and carpet party    (Thu 13 of July, 2017)
    Come and join the party, Saturday July 22nd at 3pm. We will be repairing the carpet in the front room and need some hands to cut and lay carpet. Come help out, learn or teach, and eat pizza.
  • Darknet    (Fri 07 of July, 2017)
    So our teaser is up for the Defcon Darknet this year: Casefile 1: A Case of Identity, is now online at https://www.dcdark.net perl -e 's==UBER?=+y[:-o]}(;-\n{q-yp-y+k}?print:??;-p#)'
  • Helping (tech) hand on kinetic installations    (Mon 03 of July, 2017)
    Hi everyone, I’m from an LA-based collaboration doing art called “Mechanical FlipBook ” and DIY toy called "FlipBooKit " and we need some helpful hands in Las Vegas. If anyone who happens to be mechanically inclined and is comfortab
  • Free: Cat 5 Ethernet Cables - various lengths    (Sun 02 of July, 2017)
    I have oodles and oodles of CAT 5 cables for anyone that wants them (or even for Synshop). Approximately 4 huge bags full. Must take at least one bag - I'd prefer not to just piece them out. Mike Osborne ​
  • Doing Some Metal Working Today    (Sun 02 of July, 2017)
    I'm at the shop and going to be doing some metal working. It seems like the horizontal band saw, some of the welders, and the welding fume hood are all working. Let me know if there's anything specific I need to be worried about with that equipment. -Nathan
  • Fwd: Need someone to cover tonight    (Fri 30 of June, 2017)
    Not sure if I should have sent this to this list too, I was in a bit of a rush. Sorry for the inconvenience. Thanks, --jed ---------- Forwarded message ---------- From: Jed Daniels Date: Thu, Jun 29, 2017 at 5:44 PM Subject: Need someone to cover tonight To: Vetted
  • 2x4GB Laptop RAM Upgrade to a Better Home    (Tue 27 of June, 2017)
    As my personal bench has now hit a rather critical stage I am in the midst of a purge. I have two sticks of 4GB gaming-grade laptop Corsair 1600MHz DDR3L RAM that need a better home than mine. I can say for certain that these sticks are 100% functional. I pulled them out of my laptop recently
  • Relevant to almost everyone here.    (Mon 26 of June, 2017)