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SYN Shop is located at:

1075 American Pacific Drive
Suite C
Henderson, NV, 89074

Access to SYN Shop

Until we get 24x7 access to SYN Shop up and running, please call 702-723-8373 for access.

What's Happening at SYN Shop

Here's is what people are talking about on the SYN Shop Mailing List

  • 2x4GB Laptop RAM Upgrade to a Better Home    (Tue 27 of June, 2017)
    As my personal bench has now hit a rather critical stage I am in the midst of a purge. I have two sticks of 4GB gaming-grade laptop Corsair 1600MHz DDR3L RAM that need a better home than mine. I can say for certain that these sticks are 100% functional. I pulled them out of my laptop recently
  • Relevant to almost everyone here.    (Mon 26 of June, 2017)
  • HEBOCON    (Sat 24 of June, 2017)
    HEBOCON is comming up on July 8th. https://www.meetup.com/synshop/events/240491692/ HEBOCON is a battle for derpy robots. The derpier the better. There are no restrictions on who can enter or how little thought and effort is put in to your entry. Families are encouraged to participate. The
  • Soldering Workshop today    (Sat 24 of June, 2017)
    Not many people signed up to the soldering workshop that is going on today. We have four kits available for people to build: SYN Shop Kit Spectacular - Sparkfun Amplifier Kit https://www.meetup.com/synshop/events/240408792/ SYN Shop Kit Spectacular - Sparkfun Sparkpunk Sound Kit https://www.m
  • MakerBot Malfunction    (Sat 24 of June, 2017)
    Im having trouble printing anything on the makerbot. It looks to either be an extruder issue or some makerbot device setting. Can anyone help? Is anyone going to synshop in the next few days who knows the printer?
  • Some place that sells acetylene gas on a Sunday    (Sun 18 of June, 2017)
    Does anyone know of any stores that are open on a Sunday that sell Acetylene? I have half a connection left on my A/C system.
  • SYN Shop is now a charity listed on AmazonSmile    (Thu 15 of June, 2017)
    Ok, we have awesome news, and a great way you can support SYN Shop. We are now one of the charities you can select through AmazonSmile. AmazonSmile is a simple and automatic way for you to support your favorite charitable organization every time you shop at amazon.com, at no cost to you. In
  • a gentle reminder    (Wed 14 of June, 2017)
    I spent quite a bit of time cleaning up today. Tools not put away, large amount of saw dust left on machines (vs normal air born dust settling), bits left in machines (shopbot/drill press), cords wrapped around equipment and in walkways. We expect that when you get done using a machine, that
  • How to integrate into a makerspace?    (Wed 14 of June, 2017)
    So, I've been kinda stuck. I miss my makerspace buddies back in Florida, and yet there's a much bigger makerspace (you) that's even closer! But, even after a year of paying membership (which I stopped late last year), I only showed up twice, and never started a project. Even though I'm
  • Paint Sprayer    (Tue 13 of June, 2017)
    I had my paint sprayer here tonight. I can't find it. Did someone put it "away" somewhere? Kelly Sent on a Sprint Samsung Galaxy Note® 3