SYN Shop



SYN Shop is located at:

1075 American Pacific Drive
Suite C
Henderson, NV, 89074

Access to SYN Shop

Until we get 24x7 access to SYN Shop up and running, please call 702-723-8373 for access.

What's Happening at SYN Shop

Here's is what people are talking about on the SYN Shop Mailing List

  • Bay Area Maker Faire    (Wed 14 of Feb., 2018)
    Do we have anyone interested in helping out with a SYN Shop booth at the Bay Area Maker Faire? I've only heard from one person. We'll probably want at least six. Deadline to submit is February 25th
  • Re: Laser Cutter tube    (Mon 12 of Feb., 2018)
    so our laser cutter is 90 watts, and to get just a 90 watt tube from China, it's not that much more than that, and about 180 times more powerful. Laser diodes, while really neat, are not a substitute for a laser tube. we'll have an update soon on getting a new tube. we are seeing about going
  • wood for chair rail    (Sun 11 of Feb., 2018)
    has anyone used, or seen where the wood that was purchased for the chair rail went? It was five eight foot pieces of 1x6 that were painted white. last seen by the wood next to the glue up table.
  • Fwd: Win an Awesome 3D Printer for your Hackerspace: Hackaday Repairs You Can Print    (Wed 07 of Feb., 2018)
    So an opportunity to win a 3D printer for the space, if someone has a good idea for this... -------- Original Message -------- SUBJECT: Win an Awesome 3D Printer for your Hackerspace: Hackaday Repairs You Can Print DATE:
  • Board Meeting Agenda for February    (Sat 03 of Feb., 2018)
    The following is the agenda for tomorrow's board meeting at 2pm https://docs.google.com/document/d/1kq_NBW8CUAKd5wRhyj-MHQBwuho-4PCyMaoVKdejNY0/edit?usp=sharing
  • Fwd: Calling All Makers for Maker Faire Bay Area 2018!    (Tue 30 of Jan., 2018)
    I think it would be really good to do a syn shop booth at this year's maker faire. who all is interested in helping? -------- Original Message -------- From: Maker Faire Sent: January 29, 2018 2:27:39 PM PST To: =?utf-8?Q??= Subject: Calling All
  • Cyber Security CTF this Thursday    (Wed 24 of Jan., 2018)
    Hey all, I figured this would be salient to a lot of folks' interests. A new-ish coworker of mine runs a meetup group at the Innevation center called the "Cyber Security and IT Group of Las Vegas". They are hosting a a cyber Security CTF this week on Thursday. Details here: https://www.meetup
  • Synshop storage boxes    (Sun 14 of Jan., 2018)
    In the electronics area, there are plastic storage boxes for holding small parts that fit inside milk crates. I want to buy a bunch for home use. Does anyone have any idea what brand they are, or where to buy them?
  • Notice to members    (Thu 11 of Jan., 2018)
    We, the Board of Directors at SYN Shop, want to make the membership aware of an issue which has recently come up, and unfortunately, has required that we revoke a member's membership to SYN Shop. We had several members bring up a couple issues to the board which were causing them concern with
  • Geiger Counter Kit?    (Wed 10 of Jan., 2018)
    I'm thinking of running a soldering workshop based on the MightyOhm Geiger Counter kit. The class would probably run around $120 which includes the kit. Since higher price than our normal workshops, I created the following form to gauge interest https://goo.gl/forms/Mn93pygP4nQHodXG2